In this place cures for chronic disorders are taught: yoga vyayama – physical exercises, asana - static postures, pranayama - breathing techniques, and shat kriya - six cleansing actions. Welcome to the house of health where, thanks to the discipline of yoga, body and soul will find a cure for their ills.

Healing Home, Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda Yogi


Besides teaching us some excellent kriya, including the classic ten positions, Swamiji handed down to us a mode of approach to discipline. This attitude – Tapas - may help to soothe the pain, but equally to crown hatha yoga.

Walter Ruta


Tapas is fire, but can be translated as asceticism or as ardour. It is a very difficult and dangerous word to translate because if you are not careful, you become hardliners of mortification. Tapas becomes a tool that the teacher, the master, the guide can adapt to the reception of his pupil, disciple or traveller, in the right way because at one moment in our life we may need asceticism, at another time we may need ardour.

Marilia Albanese

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